Ann Finkel

  1. Portfolio Day

  2. Found in Translation
  3. Merry Musings
    Made in Maine
  4. Bike Scenic Portland
  5. Let’s Chat Series
  6. Merit Scholarship
    Exhibition Posters
  7. Shape Compositions

Ann Finkel is a graphic design
student at Maine College of
in Portland, Maine. She is
in her third year of study and
works as an assistant in
design department, as an intern
Design Inquiry, and as a
freelance designer. When not
sitting in front of a computer,
you can usually find her
listening to a song she’s excited
about on repeat, doing a jigsaw
puzzle with a glass of wine in hand. 

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For questions, comments, collaborative ideas, work inquiries or to chat about music, fashion, snacks or trees I can be reached at anoelfinkel [at] gmail [dot] com.