This publication was designed as a reflection on a site-specific typographic installation proposal. After months of research, I proposed an installation in a trail space in Portland, Maine. Through my research, I gained an intimate understanding of interaction, weather, and the effect its surroundings has on the space. I spent hours observing and reacting through writing, sketching, and reflection.  

An excerpt from my writing,

“This installation site is located at the end of Frederic St. where the Fore River Parkway trail starts and before it crosses over Fore River Parkway. Located on the margins of Portland, it is situated between a busy road and a line of trees that divide the space from the neighborhood behind it. It marks the beginning of a Portland Trails walking trail and sits isolated from surrounding area. The space leads into a serene walking trail that loops around to Fore River. [. . .]. The space offers a quick moment of serenity from the nearby city and after spending more time in it I became intrigued with the juxtaposition of traffic on one side and the trees on the other. My installation plays off of this concept using mirrors and language to invite whoever is passing through to stop and think about the life of the space.”

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