My self-driven independent project to complete my BFA in graphic design focused on slow fashion. After researching the general concept for the duration of one semester, I synthesized my findings and created my own definition of slow fashion. My definition is as follows:

Slow fashion is a movement fostering change in the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and social good. It is a multi-faceted topic, but broken down to its most basic form means considering the following pillars: 1. Empathetic design + making  2. Ethical practices of recycling and consideration for waste  3. Garment care 4. Putting a wedge in fast fashion and ending mass consumption and 5. Consideration for sustainable materials and resources.

I made 5 different garments (each with one pillar in mind) and used activity theory as a grounds for designing a book, a brand identity, and various thought exercises (research invitations) to support the concept.




Due to COVID-19, we did not have an in person thesis show. I decided to make my own scale model of what the exhibition would have looked like. 

The Book

This project was printed through Newspaperclub and featured in their July 2020 “Print Roundup.”

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