This app was created after four months of human-centered design research. My process included problem framing research, starting with general research based on sustainable fashion. I conducted ethnographic and secondary research, and then went out in the field to do interviews. I then synthesized my findings by creating maps and personas. Through this human-centered process, I was able to better understand how the app should function to best service its target audience. 


Problem Framing Research

I created a research wall and used affinity diagrams to process my early findings. 

Landscape Map

This landscape map was a way for me to process my findings from secondary research. 

Generative Research
This was an exercise in synthesizing and understanding research I had done thus far.

Empathy Map

This is an example of one of the five maps I made derived from field interviews.

This is an example of one of three personas I developed based on the extremes in my empathy maps. 

Experience Mapping


My research showed me that my target audience needed easy access to buying, selling, repairing, and styling items in order to be as sustainable as possible. This app solves that problem by two main functions: Wear Market and Wear Cycle. Wear Market connects users to sellers of specific items and allows users to keep a wishlist of desired garments. Wear Cycle tracks what is in the users closet and offers tools to help the user with garment care, garment styling, garment repair, and garment donation. 

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