Your Closet, Mindfully is an app that can organize your clothing by make shopping and pairing easier. It was designed with consideration for making our clothes last longer. Using functions like pairing new items with items in our closet, or styling items we already own helps prevent throwing items in landfill or donating them.
This app was designed through a human-centered process. I spent a few weeks doing research and interviews that would help me understand an emotional response–human reflection on the clothing we own.  

Research and Synthesis 

My secondary research examined what existing closet organization apps look like, the psychology behind organization, and minimal closets. This research led me to formulate interview questions primarily about organization and people’s relationships with their closets. I went into my research hoping to design for reflection and ended up going through the interviews understanding that the biggest pain point for most people was their relationships to their clothing.
This pointed me towards creating an interface that not only would organize people’s items but would create a positive relationship while doing so. All of the existing organization apps that I looked at had a similar problem––the user had to go through the process of individually adding items with information and taking their own photographs. After talking to people who have used these apps I was able to understand that an app that functioned in a more simple with an easier adding feature would be important.

Screens and User Flow

From the splash screen to intro, this glimpse of screens shows that the user can save items, browse and add favorites, and use a dressing room function to pair items with what they already own in order to make a more sustainable choices before buying. 

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